On-Site Green Project Consulting Services

offered in NC, SC, and TN

We can't be everywhere at once...  But we're steadily asked... so finally we now offer to help facilitate clients and their custom builders with their Green New Home Project in NC, SC, and TN.

With over 30 years in the frontier, knee-deep in the GreenBuilding industry, we can assist you and  save your General Contractor innumerable hours/days/weeks by sharing knowledge, money-saving tips,

and experience, all in plain, non-technical, clear, friendly language, On-Site.


We can adjust our cost by throttling Site-Visit frequency up or down,

Bi-weekly, Monthly or When-Needed on-site.


If you'd appreciate streamlining and greening-up your Green New

Home Project with friendly support, I'd love to help you! 

email us